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For this Granddaughter of Italian Immigrants, raised in the San Francisco
Bay Area, a return to the "Old Country" was all it took for my love affair
with Italy to begin.

A watercolor student since 1997, I was looking for interesting subject matter, and was delighted with what I found there. Traveling top to bottom, side to side in my beloved Italia, capturing the vibrancy and romance that is everywhere one looks, I began to realize I could personalize an ancient subject by placing an original slant on my perspective. With this thought in mind I set out to see the world from a different point of view than my regular life.

In recent years my photographic interests lie in carefully selecting an image that will remain thought provoking, actually memory provoking, for many years to come. The more intrigued I am by the composition of a particular photograph, the more anxious I am to see it as a grand enlargement, which is what lead me to continue raising the bar on the larger sizes I have come to prefer.

I enjoy living in Fallbrook, in the Wine Country of Northern San Diego County, with my husband of 18 years, and have found my niche by Co-Chairing the Fallbrook Art Association's Spring and Fall Shows.

I hope you are inspired by these award-winning photographs. I am honored to have the privilege of helping you : "PICTURE ITALY".
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